Campfire Cooking can always be fun, easy, tasty and healthy in all manners. In campfire cooking, you can cook almost any stove top meal with just a little preparation and imagination. The challenge with campfires is that they are hard to regulate. Depending on how hot the coals will determine the time taken to cook the dishes. When cooking with a campfire, it requires more hands-on and to check your recipe often, the great taste of the campfire cooking is worth it. The easiest and healthiest meals can be done using foil packs. The lining of a foil bag with cabbage leaves retains moisture.

The first thing to consider before starting a campfire is not to start one until you are sure you are starting it in a safe place. If there is no fire pit available, you should look for a sport that is free from any dirt and grass within ten steps from your light spot.

Choosing the right equipment is also important. Plastics can catch fire very quickly, therefore, using metal utensils is highly advisable. Also, pots and pans should have rubber handles or also use of an aluminum pot lifter. The best-advised way is to go with utensils made for outdoor activities. Heavy duty gloves made with leather and closed shoes that can absorb heat to a campfire will provide also need a layer of protection from hot surfaces and coals. Check this website for more info!

Knowing what not to cook is also important. Foods which create hot, dripping fat as they cook may cause flare ups and should be avoided even if you are cooking them from a pan. If possible, avoid food that needs to be fried or need any oil.  When cooking you can use an oven which offers more reliable heat than a frying pan with added protection from the platters.

Pulling of raw meat or poultry from the fridge for the campfire outing, you should ensure that you keep the food well packed in ice which can last up to grill time. This is because bacteria can grow to food which is kept in a warmth places creates conditions that provide a breeding ground for food-borne pathogens. To learn more on the benefits of Campfire Cooking, just go to .

In campfire cooking, always make sure to have a bucket of water or sand to put off the fire when you are done with it or when the fire gets bigger. Once the flames have been put off completely, stir up the ashes and also pour more water on the ashes until the ashes are completely wet, click here to know more!